Kate Buckley's poems have appeared in Bellingham Review, The Cafe Review, North American Review, Shenandoah, Slipstream and numerous anthologies. She holds an MFA from Spalding University and is the author of A Wild Region (Moon Tide Press, 2008) and Follow Me Down (Tebot Bach, 2009).

A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee (poetry and creative nonfiction), Kate's awards include a Gabeheart Prize and the North American Review's James Hearst Poetry Prize. Her short story, "The Gods of Flight," was shortlisted for the 2013 Bridport Prize.
She is a 9th-generation Kentuckian who grew up listening to stories at her great-grandmother's knee.

A classically trained artist, working primarily in acrylics and mixed media collage, her work is viewable on her online gallery and at the showroom at Laguna Mercantile in Laguna Beach, California.

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Praise for Kate Buckley's second collection of poems, Follow Me Down:

"Vivid, passionate, pulsing with life in the face of loss and pain, these incantations bravely seek to void The Void. They are poems to conjure with."
Charles Harper Webb

Follow Me Down by Kate Buckley"15th century painter Cennini spoke of the art of 'unseen things hidden in the shadow of natural ones.' Like 'a sea turning in on itself' Kate Buckley's poems speak to this, moving together, folding and unfolding the echoes of a voice in place, a voice out of place, 'salt licking salt/coming home.' Follow Me Down maps out the geography of longing where sometimes 'you walk the yellow fields,' sometimes 'the moon sets itself on fire,' lighting up the distances between the past and the future. Buckley's parenthetical considerations, her ache and intellect coincide in a sensuous, revelatory motioning toward that inspired sanctuary of who we are."
Elena Karina Byrne

"She is making her mark on the landscape of contemporary American poetry."
Molly Peacock

"This is a book where simplicity meets a siren named Kate Buckley and is all the better for it."

Praise for Kate Buckley's 1st book of poems & paintings, A Wild Region:

A Wild Region by Kate Buckley"A Wild Region is a family history in verse as well as a lovely elegy for Buckley's grandmother set in a Kentucky that is both pastoral and industrial: 'I have ridden on horseback / under the harvest moon, gold and heavy' vs. 'the coughs that stained your linens black / no matter how many times you bleached them...' The elegies are especially moving: 'her wispy hair, fine as floss / cotton against the pale earth of her skull' and 'I cradle her, cradle her, and rock her home.' Pick up this book. (Buckley won this year's Hearst Poetry Prize.)"
North American Review

"Kate Buckley's poems are dark prayers and lyrical ballads, infused with mystery and awe... And the stories these poems tellfinely crafted as the poems areare stories that speak to all of us, accessible and clear for all their complicated depth, 'universal' precisely because they're so deeply personal, and so deeply felt. There is so much stunning language in this collection, so much accuracy and grace, and there are so many images that take my breath away... Kate Buckley shows us how the beautiful and the brutal can not only coexist alongside one another, but exist within one another. Hers is a necessary and welcome new voice."
Cecilia Woloch

"Painting and poetry are two art forms that stand side by side and work well together. A Wild Region is a collection of oil paintings and poetry from prolific poet Kate Buckley, whose work has appeared in countless venues. Many of her poems are opposite full color art, adding a fresh dimension to her work. A Wild Region is a fine blend of artforms, highly recommended. "On Hearing Your News": My eyes lie flat in my skull,/darkened, bruised//lashes whip-stitched to swollen lids/sleep has once again been elusive.//My organs weigh more/than they did the day before,/swollen with unhappiness,/gorged with regret:/tiny fists in my stomach pummeling/ the hanging ball of my heart."
Midwest Book Review
(Reviewer's Choice)

"A ribbon of Appalachia winds through Kate Buckley’s vigorous voice in her debut collection of poems, A Wild Region. It was my pleasure to choose her as the winner of the 2008 James Hearst Poetry Prize for the North American Review, and it is an equal pleasure to welcome this book of poems, crafted from the patterns of speech of the wild region Buckley loves and the wildness of its people, too."
Molly Peacock

"Many of the poems recall the work of poet Andrew Hudgins, both for their subject matter and use of forms. Perhaps these rhythms are a kind of heritage of the song and music of the culture that feature heavily in their poetry. Like Hudgins, Buckley can convey the physical and emotional violence of characters without apology, presenting people as they were and laying bare their choices without too much explanation... W.H. Auden once said 'a poem is like a story . . . with all the boring parts left out.' Buckley certainly has many stories to tell... And she is a gifted storyteller... Perhaps, this is Buckley’s intent in many of her poemsto take the chaotic and random pieces and make them fit, make them record a life, like a handmade quilt. Buckley’s poems are as beautiful and well-crafted."
— The Adirondack Review

"This is a book of poems full of clues—clues more satisfying even than answers, since they point us toward the wilder regions of the complex human heart. Like a heady night in the rural South, these poems are sonorous, delicious, and dark—at once comforting and mysterious, wicked and sweet."
Robert Peake

Paintings by Kate BuckleyPaintings:

A classically trained artist, working primarily in acrylics and mixed media collage, Kate Buckley explores subject matter ranging from mythology to philosophical quandaries of the modern age. Her dreamlike images create worlds all their own.

Her work has been pictured in fine journals such as The Adirondack Review and New Southerner, and purchased by such entities as The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Her paintings are in private collections in California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, and New York. Kate's work is available for purchase; she is currently accepting commissions.

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